Temtem, Changing the game forever.

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Yes, this is about a game, but if you are here, you are likely a nerd. so welcome!

Honestly this game is incredible. I have put around 12 hours into the game, playing late at night and early in the morning as to avoid high server load, and the improvements it has on pokemon are incredible. The fact that a kickstarter size team could actually put together graphics this incredible blows me away! And that is on top of the gameplay improvements.

But I want to talk about how the game makes me feel right now. I started playing world of warcraft when it just came out, back in my early years of highschool, and it was a whole new experience for me that I still love to this day. But since then I have played other games. And I have kept playing WoW. I have yet to play a game in years that has felt wholly new to me, and this breaks my heart. I wish I could re-experience world of warcraft for the first time again, all the way  through but I can't. 

But Temtem is doing this to me. The wiki doesnt have all the information, it doesn't even have all the monsters. We don't even know what the starters' final evolutions are. Noone has found this out! It's not just the types that are different but the actual type matchups, Wind is effective against earth now, instead of how its treated in pokemon, and wind (flying) is not stronger against nature (grass). I am having to put a lot more thought into the game and this excites me greatly.

The simple fact that this game has me on my toes and I cannot go look at a wiki to solve some of my problems is the cherry on top to possibly make this my game of the year.

Thank you for reading this small short diatribe about a wonderful new game and I hope you decide to buy some of our merchandise!


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